Hi everyone & welcome to Tiny Halo Modern Photography,

My name is Scott Wilson. I'm a photographer specialising in creating hair, beauty, fashion, editorial and portrait images. I live and work near the beautiful and historic city of Edinburgh in Scotland. 

Ansel Adams, one of the 20th century's greatest photographers, said "You don't take a photograph, you make it"  - and that captures my working philosophy. Making beautiful high-quality images involves teamwork and careful planning - identifying the right subject, location, equipment, lighting, wardrobe styling, hair and makeup in advance and then getting the assembled team to the right place at the right time - all before a button is pressed on the camera. 

To see some images that are the result of this process just skip back to the home page of this site and scroll through them - or jump over to Italian Vogue to see some of my works published there. 

Thanks for visiting and I look forward to hearing from and hopefully working with you very soon! 

Best wishes

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